AWAKEN Youth Conference 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Registration

You must be already registered for the Conference to join the tournament.

Tournament Guidelines and Rules


  • Based on the number of groups, determine how long to set the time limit.
  • A running clock, on the scoreboard, for all courts should begin at the same time.
  • The clock does not stop at any point.
  • If there are any ties at the end of regulation time, the next point to score will determine the winner of that game.
  • Game Squad will call flagrant fouls.
  • Players call their own fouls.
  • The scorekeeper keeps the score for each court.
  • When finished, the scorekeeper should report to Game Coordinator the team’s name who is advancing to the next round.
  • If disputes occur as to who the winning team is, the Game Coordinator will have the final call on who advances.
  • Ensure youth groups are on separate sides of the bracket.
  • Ensure that groups on the same team are spread evenly throughout the bracket and do not meet until the final rounds of play.
  • The top 4 teams will receive points for their team.
  • Single elimination tournament.
  • 6-9 girls, 6-9 guys, 10-12 girls, 10-12 guys


  • All baskets will be worth 2 points.
  • Not make it/take it.
  • Shots must be taken back behind the back line for ANY change of possession. (Ex. Steal, rebound, score, out of bounds)
  • For any foul, the ball is reset behind the back line.
  • Only 3 players from each team may be on the court anytime.
  • Subs are allowed but may only switch out after the round is completed.

Tournament registration closed!